Semampai Sayau

Enjoy Life While You Can, Be Content With What You Have

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Its time for another move

Ever felt tingly, butterflies in your belly and sometimes agitated, even by little things. Scared, nervous and anxious at the same time being here with my kids and without my husband. Larry took a new job in Minessota and he is in Germany at the moment for few weeks and here I am stranded in Utah with my boys. We have put our house in the market for sale and hopefully we could sell it soon so we all can be together in Minessota. Coming from the tropics doesnt seems to put us off into moving to a harsh cold winter state. As we got use to Utah weather, dry and hot in summer, dry and cold in winter, we are getting ready to move again. I guess a year and a half is enough here in the Bee Hives State. We thought that we have been here a year and a half and we haven't done anything that we wanted to do like walking around the National Parks nor we haven't visit Las Vegas which is only the next state. So we decided at least go to Vegas to spent the weekend. Sorry bro, Nadai Name , I did kept my eyes open for Grissom of CSI, didnt see any of them CSIs' but I did bought the CSI T-shirt just to show you that CSI Las Vegas is my favorite TV show ;) I was so jazz about 'Coyote ugly'. Walked by the place and saw bunches of bra hanging on the bar. It was crazy! Couldn's stop to watch as we have our boys with us at the time. Dang! The Ultimate thrill, if you are up for it. Try the Stratosphere rides. Larry and Yohan had a blast when they did all 3 rides, Big Shots, The Scream and the Insanity.
We ended our trip with a drive through in Zions National Park. Beautiful, quiet and serene landscape. Bought ourself a souvenir 'A piece of rock' from the Park, the Utah Septarian Geoedes

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

The journey ends with a very nice drive through Zions National Park