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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is next....maybe New Year

September 2007 marks a year of our stay in Utah. Thanksgiving Day was really a day we ought to be thankful and remembered the tragedy that happened when we just moved here. Its beautiful in Utah and so many things to do and see but our hearts are left in Texas. It was a bit quiet and lonely when family are far away, especially when Thanksgiving Day, it was just four of us enjoying the huge turkey. I was planning to shop on black Friday but I'm not competitive.
What's plan for Christmas? I cant go home to visit.....I don't have any vacation time left and I'm bummer. BUT I will have white Christmas! We'll get a tree and have it decorate and lots of presents underneath....and hope that Santa wish us a great year to come and thankful for a safe and wonderful year 2007.
I will share Salt Lake City,Utah pictures with everybody, once I have them downloaded. Regards to all! Mag