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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

All Elevations Unknown

A book that took my interest to read the rest of the chapter. Sam lightner Jr. is the author of the book who came to Borneo in 1999 and made the journey to Bario with a couple of his crew members. What actually caught my interest is that he went to a village, a place where I’ve been before. November 3rd - 5th of 2004, were spent with my best friend Rebecca whom invited me to her village named Pa’ Ukat. I had a pleasant experienced meeting Rebecca’s parents whom her dad is a kelabit and mom is an Iban lady who don’t quite speak Iban anymore. I enjoyed the scenery, the fresh air, the sounds of the crickets, frogs and first time in my life I ever saw a real hunting dog. Rebecca has a dog named ‘Siak’ which means red. It has hair that is very bright brown and slightly red like a highlight that women used to color their hair. I cant recalled its age but ‘Siak’ probably around 8-10 years old. Lost some of its teeth from hunting wild boars but still doesn’t stop ‘Siak’ from hunting till this day. I should say I am proud of myself because I’ve fed ‘Siak’ when I was there ;)
While reading this book with Larry, he asked a bunch of questions about Bario and whom the people I’ve met, names of villages etc…….I was a little bit upset with myself because I don’t even remember the name of Rebecca’s village. At 11pm last night, I had to call her and asked and I did.
Back in Austin when I was adjusting myself, I felt depressed and had deleted my first blog whereby I had wrote about my journey to Bario. Today I’m thinking…..I need to rewrite my stories and put up some pictures.

First sight of Bario

'Kiki' the water buffalo

Bario rice wrapped in a leaf

Getting ready to collect jungle veges

Paddy field

Wild berries

One hardworking Kelabit girl

Happy Hour by the fire place

Family photos

Boot's day

Our journey to Bario airport

Ears I could never have- Sinah Ngelinuh

Rebecca and Grandma

After spending that time in Bario, I had to buy myself the costume.

I had a splendid time.