Semampai Sayau

Enjoy Life While You Can, Be Content With What You Have

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cold, cold winter

It has been so cold lately. Very unusual year they said. The temperature has been below freezing for many days now.
But when the first day the snow storm came, bunch of birds outside the apartment made plenty of noise while they were playing with snow. It seems like they are rejoicing the winter weather. I dont know what kind of birds they are but they have bright orange chest. I watched them with joy. How funny it was, that things like this makes me giggle and smile!

Friday, January 05, 2007

I miss my family

Left Singapore on the 31st, got into Utah on the 31st too...the journey was exhausting and long. The only thing that kept me from wanting to go back and visit every year. Today is January 5th and I still got jet leg and why am I not happy? Im missing my family and Kuching. All the while I was there for 10 days, I had wonderful times with my families.....and extended families.....I enjoyed the jungle vegetables and fruits and the company of my sisters. Before I left for Kuching, I was nervous thinking that I wouldnt enjoy myself and to think that everybody had change but I was wrong.
I miss my family ! ;(
Snow storm came through last nite and it is cold here in Utah. Probably got about 8 inches of snow. The kids love the snow and enjoyed snowboarding today. They even had snow ball fight with larry at the balcony. Me?? Im the only smart one in the family.
How does it feel to live in The United States? Question was asked to me several occasions. At this moment it sucks because I like being around my family. I have to admit that Im looking forward to move back to Texas or best is Kuching.
Oh I have to let my sister Melanie knows about this that I managed to bring in belacan and laksa paste from Kuching ;) Now I can make my own laksa at home

View outside the apartment today