Semampai Sayau

Enjoy Life While You Can, Be Content With What You Have

Friday, December 29, 2006

We are coming home

Happy Belated Christmas to fella bloggers!!
Thank You Simple American, Yong and Limpyfrog for your wishes. We are in Changi Airport Singapore waiting for our flight back to The States tomorrow. On time for New Year celebration ;) Our visit was a blast even it was only 10 days visit. Im looking forward to see more snow in Utah.
Wishing All A Very Happy and Merry and Prosperous New Year!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tubing in Soldier Hollow, Olympic Park UT

Never thought I would like the snow. Just bcos we had fun last weekend tubing down the hill of Soldier Hollow.....finally after 2 hours of tubing, my boots got soaking wet. You bet... its really cold.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Miscellaneous Entries

Lama enda diabas blog aku tu kebuah aku diatu gawa. Funny thing is that I work as temp with the Salt Lake County Clerk Office attached with the Election Division and I cant vote in this country unless Im a citizen. I always tell myself that I dont ever want to work with the govt and I always dont have good opinion about 'them'. Oh well, I was wrong in some areas....but I enjoyed working with the people there and get to know about the politics, again which I dont like. Today, they called me back to do auditing and that was done in hours and tomorrow Im jobless. Monday, I get to work at the LDS Hospital also as temp worker and hope that I will gain more experiences and meet more nice people.

Meri besai Terima Kasih ngagai Daradesa kebuah meri resipi mee jawa bulan nyin kemarik. Nguji meh tudah aku tu tadik laban ka tenguk. Boleh tahan kena mantup ka tenguk wai Dara!

Halloween! Halloween! Bala anak 'Trick or Treat'. Balat pengaga bala anak bulih mayuh 'candy' gula batu ko kitai iban. Sebulan apin meh ambis gula batu nya. Anang nyu buruk ngeli...

Thanksgiving dinner disambut kami menyanak ba rumah. Larry nyendia ka semua pemakai kami, enda tinggal mega siko 'turkey' di idang ba tengah meja.

Buah entekai bela betegaring kena nyambut Thanksgiving! Celap maya Thanksgiving. Terubah iya bala anak meda snow depan rumah. Mupuk meh snow tu ....winter is here!