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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Great Danes

I never thought The Great Danes would get this big. These well behaved dogs were with their owner who is also one of the pilots. Usually walked his dogs when he is not flying. We wanted to have a dog but I dont think we would get as big as these guys. :)

This dog with Yohan is almost blind but doesnt make him any different from the others. Also love to be pet. Breed from the skin? ....we were told. Blind since he was born.
King Arthur also love to be pet, had bobbed ears. Father of the blind ones. Also the dominant ones of them all. 7 years old.
Yohan with King Arthur

Monday, October 16, 2006

Things to do in Utah

Ever think of flying? Not fly like a bird but paragliding, hangliding perhaps? Utah is one of the most unique place in the world to do this because the wind is very predictable. Larry took paragliding lesson in Australia 3 years ago and bought his own equipment there. One of the thing that attracts Larry to Utah, I guess. Yesterday afternoon we drove to the point where they had flying session going on and it was so cool to watch a bunch of pilots just took off into the air and hang in there, flying of course. A man took his dog and flew with him too. Everybody starts talking to each other and said is a great way to mingle and find some friends. Below are some of the pictures we took yesterday.
One of the pilot getting ready to take off as his 3 years old son look on
Up up and away!
Brad, one of the instructor around yesterday

Brad, lifting off!

Brad making a big swoosh to the left and right...showing off...but he is really good! Even had time to chat with a friend and his great danes!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Toe Socks

Do you like toe socks? I'm crazy about them. Some of my collections that I had on today and actually went out with the blue one :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Ending


Local News

Lantang endar asai ati laban utai ti di curi udah di temu polis. 90% barang bisi magang.
Nasit manah endar laban baru 2 minggu bala pencuri agi nyimpan perengka kami, bedau udah di jual tang pistol Larry nadai di temu agi. Semua barang ti di curi di temu kena ka pagi 6 aribulan sepuluh menoa ditu. Sari ari 6 aribulan kami duai Larry enggau bala polis ngumpul barang sebelah rumah. Ambis perengka udah di selungkai udah di kena mega. US postal bisi enggau nyasat mega, serta sida FBI, local police pia mega sapa nyangka bala secret service bisi mega campur tangan. Kes tu nyadi besai laban kebuah sida ti pencuri tu mega bisi penyalah besai bukai baka begaga ka kad kredit palsu serta kad pengelala ngena nama urang ti nyadi mangsa sida. Dua iko lelaki serta indu ti udah di tangkap tu sigi udah bisi rekod polis serta seduai tu mega sigi agi 'under parol'. Utai ti enda kala di peda aku umur aku ti idup tu, serata rumah utai ti di kena sida nginsap 'crystal meth'.
Umbas endar pengalaman aku kena ka 6 aribulan kemarik. Gaga becampur takut ga maya di rumah sida nya laban sida pencuri agi di rumah dia semina udah di gari polis. Takut endar meda gamal sida ti agi hayal mega.
Meri besai TERIMA KASIH ngagai PETARA pia mega ngagai bala ti besampi ka kami sebilik.

Magdelini & Larry Dunbar sebilik

Monday, October 02, 2006

We moved on.

September 22nd was the end of our old life. Ever since the incident happened, it brought my family closer and more appreciative with this life. We basically move in into our new place with empty walls but starting to fill it up with basic things.

We are very grateful to all the people that had help us at this moment and all the support that we’ve received. Utah I should say is very unique in a way that the people are very supportive and generous.

I was asked in fact a couple of times, ‘What and how do I feel about this move?’ It sucks to move to a state where you don’t know anybody and you don’t have any family here and you’ve lost everything. We felt stripped!! What’s left was a pair of jeans, 4 shirts and a jacket for each one of us.

What a way to start a new life, in fact we are really starting a new life with everything new in a new state. For the sake of my kids, I don’t think too much about the losses about the past but move on and look ahead. This empty house has a dining table now and a couple of mattresses and basic kitchen utensils.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Painful move