Semampai Sayau

Enjoy Life While You Can, Be Content With What You Have

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We have moved

We are in Salt Lake City, Utah….beautiful place with mountains and snow caps and friendly ppl. Tree leaves are turning colors at the moment and it is a bit chilly here.

We left Austin on the September 14th 06 late evening and had to spend the night in Dallas at grandma’s house. We actually spent 2 nights at grandma’s and then we left Dallas on Saturday afternoon drove all the way to Amarillo and spent 1 night there also. We couldn’t drive as per the speed limit for the truck was pretty much loaded all the way to the shutter and also we had a car towed by the truck. The next day we headed off to Colorado. The drive was a bit dull because everywhere was flat until we reach the border of Colorado where we actually drove through the mountains. We met friends of ours Albert, his wife and baby Simon, had dinner and they were so nice to offer us a place to sleep that night in Colorado Springs. I was in a hurry to leave Colorado for it was very windy and very chilly and so we did the next day. Drove all day long through the Rocky’s, going uphill and downhill in twisty windy road. Despite the tiring long drive it was worth fit. Why? Great sceneries!!

We finally arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah by midnight, Monday the 18th. Settle down for the night in one of The Extended Stay in Sandy, Utah. ,And as I’m writing this down, we are still here for another day until we move into our apartment tomorrow September 27th.

Somehow we think that this move is best for our kids since we heard many great things about Salt Lake City being a good place to raise children and the beautiful scenery and also the friendly people. And we still DO ;)