Semampai Sayau

Enjoy Life While You Can, Be Content With What You Have

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yuri's First Tackle Football Game/Scrimage

Yuri's first started practice about 2 weeks ago. With no knowledge of rules and any of the tactics and tecniques, all he knows that he is suppose to hit somebody and chase down the opponents with the ball. Yuri's team are kids between 9-11 years old and under 80 lbs. I had so much fun watching them during their practice and infact last Saturday was Yuri's first scrimage. He made a kicker and a wide receiver for the team. They have great coach and as for a very new team, just 3 weeks old, they had victory against 2 other teams.

Yuri in no. 1 jersey

Yuri-far left

Yuri's team playing offense

Yuri's team playing defense

After photo session

During photo session

The Patriots - No 1

A big game is coming this Saturday and Yuri is all up for it. Yuri has a couple more games to play before we move to utah. We are moving to Salt Lake City Utah in 2 weeks and very much looking forward for it. I hate to leave Austin, it is beautiful here and people are just so nice and friendly 'Texas Friendly' what they call them and its true. I bet Simple America will agree with me too.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Invasion of space

Pictures tell you the stories. This pictures was taken in April but it still happens as of today. I guess Jesse was curious about the internet as my boys are. Every now and then, I had to go to 'history' of my boys log on, just to make sure that they dont go to explicit sites. You never know what kids nowadays can do with the internet tech. Everything here in America is about internet, I guess almost every household has computers and internet connection. I've been calling Larry on the phone for 3 days now since its difficult and very expensive to get internet connection in Germany, in Europe overall. We chose to use internet for communication like using MSN chat, so at least we can still look at each other through the webcam ;)
For 3 days now I'm not in bed till 3am. What was I doing? Since we might move to Utah, I was reading about the
Mormons. Very interesting but dont worry Larry, Im not thinking of converting, Im reading for knowledge purposes. I remembered seeing mormons in Kuching and Thank You to Puteri who gave me this link about the mormons and for those of you out there who are curious like me............go ahead and read about it. I think you can judge for yourself.
Hey bro Desmond, Thank You for posting my dad's green house in your blog Nadai Name. Nice to see those pictures after so many years that I've not been there.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Masuk 5 bulan

Lantang agi asai dada, lempung agi asai bahu, mupuk meh 5 bulan kami menyanak bejalai, belelang alu netap ka diri ba menua urang. Menua urang ti dikumbai kami menyanak diatu 'Home'.
Im beginning to love my stay here despite the sadness and homesick that I went through months ago. It was so awfully painful. Im more outgoing now, being more positive and my relationship with others has improved. Im looking at the bright side, Im gonna make it and make use most of this life.
Thank You to my loving hubby Larry for being so patient with me and friends who supported me with advices, prayers and left comments on my blog, Thank You All.
Enjoy Life While You Can!
*Semampai sayau*