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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Alamo

The historic Battle of The Alamo took place in 1836. The year before, Ben Milam led Texian and Tejano volunteers fighting for Texas Independence, against the Mexican Army who had been stationed in San Antonio and at the Alamo. After 5 days of fighting they forced the Mexican soldiers to surrender. The victorious volunteers then occupied the Alamo as well as other parts of the city.
In February of 1836, General Santa Anna and his army gathered to begin the attempt to retake the Alamo. The rest of the story is treasured Texas and American history.

The Monument

The World Famous Riverwalk in San Antonio

The world famous, thats what they said. The Riverwalk in San Antonio has a pleasant landscape. Feels like the lost world in the middle of the city. Nothing like Kuching waterfront where its shady, surrounded by trees and tall buildings like The Westin and Hilton, it has its own attractions. Sikda boyak lah! There are ducks though.

Sunset over San Antonio

Feelings I cant described overlooking the orange sky

Driving on our way back from San Antonio to Austin, we stoped and enjoyed the sunset.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Fiddler Fern & Acar Timun

One of the most favorite thing that I love to do is shopping. Not window shopping nor shopping for cloths, perfumes and etc BUT I love grocery shopping. Shopping for veges or other perishables items like fruits, fish or meat. What seems to amazed me about veges especially? Great displays of different colorful veges of course. One of my favorite market here is the Whole Food Market . I could spend hours there and be perfectly content even if I dont buy anything. Yesterday I was at Whole Food Market shopping for veges for me to make Acar Timun (Cucumber Pickle) my nenek's style and I came across ferns....'Paku Ikan/Ai ko kitai Iban' . Nama agi deh, tuchum meh aku lalu ngambik a few 'lbs' bai pulai. Bisi ga ka lauk aku malam tu. ;)

Nadai pengawa aku maya tu ti udah ngambik driver's license test(classroom), udah pass tang aku bedau test on the road lah. I thought of trying out my grandma's 'acar' which I have not try making for many years. Still have that touched ;) Below how it looks like.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Proud To Be Malaysian

Yuri with his project box!

Pagi ari lima, bala sida grade 4 bisi 'parade' ba sekula ti dikumbai sida 'Heritage Day'. Enda nyangka sekula Yuri mayuh 'alien' orang datai baka kami tu. Suba bedau nemuai kitu, aku ngumbai orang putih ti mayuh ditu, endang amat tang mayuh mega orang bangsa bukai baka cina, india, jepun, vietnam, korea....sema jako US lebih agi mayuh bangsa bukai ari kitai di Malaysia. Mayuh sida tu mega bisi megai rakyat Amerika(citizenship) tauka penduduk tetap(permanent resident). Macam-macam gamal kotak ti digaga bala nembiak enggau bendera negara sida empu.
Tengahari bisi makai ba cafeteria sida, bala indai ngaga pemakai ari menua diri empu. Nyadi aku ngaga Satay Ayam. Kuah satay ti digaga aku pedas mimit, irau mega laban takut kelalu pedas empa nembiak. Satay ayam ambis diempa nembiak semina tinggal kuah aja laban sida enda kala meda pemakai ti bakanya. Tang bisi nembiak ti rindu makai lauk pedas nguji kuah madah ka kuah nya nyamai. Kuah tinggal setengah container.

Datai ba rumah kami duai Yuri, aku pan ngureng cucur pisang, tenguklah!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day Special / Ari Indai

Yuri bisi nyendia ka 'poem' ka aku, pia mega bala nembiak grade 4 sama bela begaga ka 'poem' nuju indai sida mega, nyadi sida diasuh meri 'presentation' di mua kelas. Bala nembiak ti sama sekelas enggau Yuri bisi mayuh bansa mega, bisi jepun, india, bisi ari Germany, bisi ari Austria mega. Yuri laban ti agi baru, jako orang putih pan bedau entu ti utai di sebut. Tang aku muji endar pengawa sekula ti bakatu laban sida melatih bala nembiak bejako ba mua orang mayuh. Mayuh mega projek bukai ti di peransang sekula ti tau endar ngerembaika pikir enggau runding nembiak. Bakatu munyi 'poem' Yuri :

I love my mom
She cooks for me and my brother
She washes my clothes, fold them and put them away
I love my mom
I help her do dishes
I help her do laundry
I help her feed the cat too

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nissan Altima Was Our Choice

I guess Mr. Z got lucky ! Im not a racist just because he is asian but he is also an outstanding, Yes...outstanding Sales Person! ;)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Does It Mean Anything?

Till couple of hours ago, I’ve just remembered what was my dream about last night. Most of the time I don’t even care to remember but this time it was different.

I was in somebody’s house who just gave birth and I was there because I was visiting this person whom I don’t even know.

I was on other floor that I was with a sick person and again I don’t even know this person. But I remembered that my good fren a guy (but his face was blur) was next to me. A car came and I saw my ex- mother in law, lost weight because she is sick, still now and driving the car was my ex father in law.

What puzzled me is that, my ex mother in law, was holding my Holy Bible and my Hymn book. I looked at my best fren and said, ‘She has my Bible!’ As I walked towards her, Larry nudged me and I woke up.

Does it mean that God is trying to reach out for me during my troubles?

Monday, May 08, 2006

2 Months

Today, marks 2 months of our stay in Austin. Felt like 2 years! Every night as soon as I closed my eyes, I still think about Kuching and all my frens, family, food...etc and I still dream of coming home. :( :(

First Impression... Is Important

Situation One – Mr. V
Mr. V is not a good sales person because firstly he argued with the customer about - that The Passat is bigger than The Jetta. He is definitely right about The Passat being bigger, exterior…..But not interior.

Situation Two – Mr.W
Mr.W is a very good sales person, kind, soft spoken and he gave undivided attention to you and the product.

Situation Three – Mr. X
Mr. X chose to ignore the advert in the and so he lured us to looked at also Altima but different price indeed. We’re happy and content with what we saw but we were kinda turn off by him ignoring the advert. Furthermore he wasn’t focus with the product.

Situation Four – Mr. Y
Mr. Y was cute but not even his cuteness that can persuade us to buy his cars. He was very pushy. We never came back.

Situation Five – Mr. Z
Wait a minute……there is NO situation five. Not yet at least. Larry got home, we had dinner and we had to go to the grocery store. Larry walked towards this Altima like its his and I looked at him, puzzled. After meeting with Mr. Z that Friday afternoon, he let Larry took one of the Altima home, for a test drive.

There is no way that we are getting any cars from Mr. V because he was a @#%& head. He is a horrible sales person. We had a pleasant experience with Mr. W but he couldn’t give us a lower price. We were already turned off by Mr. X and Mr. Y was too pushy . That leaves us with Mr. Z. You think he is getting lucky???

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Car Shopping

This whole week was a car shopping week for Larry and me. Larry took Tuesday off so we can go checkout Austin Community College ACC and also look at used cars.

Situation One
After the college, we went to a Volkswagen Dealer, first dealer we came across that day. At the moment, Larry is driving a VW Jetta and he is very much interested in another VW but thought of a bigger and spacious model and we were thinking of a VW Passat. So, here comes the sales person (Mr. V) of VW. We told him we are interested in the Passat, so he had the car unlocked and so we looked inside. By looking at the interior, I told Larry its not much bigger but it looked rather the same as the Jetta. Larry made a rough measurement and came to the conclusion that he also agreed with me.

Situation Two
Next door to VW is a Chevrolet Dealer. Eventhough Larry doesnt fancy American car (its just like our PROTON lah!) but since we were close by we might find something we'd like, something I'd like since it is going to be my car. We walked around the Chevys' and we saw a couple that we liked. First test drive was The Impala V6, very huge and long and spacious , great accelaration. Second test drive car was The Malibu. Now, this one I do like because it is smaller than The Impala and because I'm petite, I think I should get a smaller car. It is a brand new Malibu, was on Sale because there were a few hail damages. The sales person(Mr. W) will try to help us to get the price down a little a bit.

Car shopping continues on Thursday night.

Situation Three
We headed out towards Highway 35 and went to a Nissan Dealer. This time we were very much interested in The Altima. We searched in and found what we wanted, the price range that we wanted and the year model too. Getting there was easy but when we got there, to our dissapoinment, the sales person (Mr. X) said, the information in the internet was not up to date. But the sales person was kind enough to let us looked inside The Altima.

Situation Four
On our way back home, we saw a Honda Dealer. So, we decided to drop by at their used car lot and we saw an Altima. We got out of our car and a good looking, tall, tough looking guy (Mr. Y)came to us and started to asked what we're looking for. Showed a few cars that we might be interested in but there was a storm coming and lightning, which I'm really scared off. So we took little time there but thinking of coming back the next day.

On Friday, I thought I would like to help Larry to surf the net and looked for the car that I might be interested in. That is the and with the help of power search, the first page with Altima and complete car dealer address and phone contact, I pick up the phone and started dialing. Talked to a very polite man (Mr. Z). So, I asked about the car and he answered me slowly ‘Yes Mame, we do have Altima in our lot!’ with a little of that Texan accent, I thought it was kinda sweet. And so we chatted a little more, about the car of course and I realized that Mr. Z has a little different accent now. No more of that Texan accent, I wondered and I asked if he is local. He said ‘No mame, Im from Thailand’ this time no more Texan accent. My eyes got big and I almost jump out from my sit and I said, ‘Hey, Im Malaysian’. We both laugh at the same time and he at the other phone line sounded happy too. I ended the conversation, that we’ll see him tonight. Larry’s office is close to where Mr. Z is and so, he would go alone to see him. Larry went into the Nissan Dealer’s office where Mr. Z is and Larry said ‘Sawadeekap’. Mr. Z’s eyes got really big and he pointed at Larry and said, ‘You must be Larry, Mag’s husband’ . Guess what, they talked little about Altima but more about Thailand food.

When can I even get my car?

Will continue tomorrow.....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Journey Half Way Across The Globe

I pictured myself as a giver - romantic, tolerance, humble, very open, sensitive but sometimes loud just for being funny and goofy ;)

One of the biggest step in my life is this migration journey. Full of pain and agony and disappointments only by me and only to me. I felt bitterness!

If Im given a choice, to stay or not to stay. To migrate or not to migrate? Preferably, I would rather stay home --> Kuching. But why are we here in The States, that was my decision before. It was my love towards my hubby and sacrifice for my kids, to give my kids more opportunity in exploring life at home away from home. I hope when my kids looked back, they will appreciate what they have in latter life.

I never picture myself marrying a white man especially from half way across the world…but here I am, married to this wonderful man ‘Larry’ whom I could never pay back with what he had shared with me, what he had shown me in life and the LOVE he showers me everyday. I should say, I am one of the luckiest woman.

Why am I in so much pain right now? Pain in a way that I’m so sad, missing someone/something in life, incomplete desires. Homesick is what it is. I love and miss my friends, my family, the food, my social life, the stable Kuching weather and not to mention my culture. I am just a typical Bidaban Kuching/Sibu girl who is very content with my Iban/Bidayuh lifestyle. This migration is one of the biggest step in my life because I was never away from home.

To be continue……